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A Global & Small-Scale Provider

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP or FRP) are leading architectural, engineering, and building material today. Their unique properties make them some of the most versatile and innovative materials available in the industrial, construction and manufacturing markets. 

GRC consists of high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fiber embedded in a concrete matrix. It is widely used in the exterior frontispiece in buildings and as architectural precast concrete. Due to its unlimited flexibility in shape, form, texture, weight, mouldability, and long term technical properties, it is usually the material of choice for architects. It can be produced for large scale projects as well as for small scale products and can have any finishing desired from thickness, color, and texture.

GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester) is strong, lightweight, non-corrosive, and maintenance-free. It can be erected efficiently and economically. Per unit weight, GRP is among the strongest commercial materials available. Pound for pound, GRP is stronger than concrete, steel and aluminum.



We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing and raw materials, which are imported from Turkey and are a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.

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We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our clients, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.


For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as the leader in our industry. To stay on top, we’ve worked with various field professionals to make sure everything we produce represents the quality and responsible manufacturing process we believe in.

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